io sono il vento

Amiens, September 2014
Bologna, February 2015
Modena, March 2015

« (…) The director, Lukas Hemleb, takes to heart the verbal parsimony of Jon Fosse’s text. He introduces as a counter point a dramatic narrative of actions, a marathon of shifting boxes as if some Lego robots were trying to resolve the mystery of a giant Rubic cube. In the cold light of a huge boreal globe they are navigating, drinking, hit by lightnings, thunderstorms, just as if their excursion was a journey through existence, unbearable to one of them, intractable to the other.  ‘But why did you do it?’ asks one the other who had preferred to drown. ‘I just did it’ is his elusive answer. The mystery of an impossible friendship or, even better, the unattainable harmony in one mind split in two, touches our hearts. »
La Repubblica

« (…) All this takes place in a suspended reality, in a fog enrichened by symbolic significations and a systematic repeating of gestures, words and ideas. Sentences build in the void, fundamental statements meant to bestow a sens upon a journey to the Unknown, to Infinity. The actors are excellents, they avoid successfully to get lost in all that silent obscurity and make the audience fully take part in their action after being held initially in a distance. A freezing black wraps up words, objects and characters like in a typical Scandinavian landscape, just as in the most immediate touch with the mysteries of human existence, of life and death. »
La Gazzetta di Modena

« (…) A text made of the metaphysics of all day life, as one can say, but the stage direction broadens the physical aspect of reality giving the actors a great amount of boxes to handle, boxes that are piled up to a perfect cube, dismantled and spread on the ground, to form a sort of pyramid or giant wave at the end, making appear existence as a routine — or a grave. A gripping text, exhausting and moving. The actors stuck to it, cemented like solid concrete, with ernest and conviction and their excellent technical professionalism. To the threshold of the inexpressible. »
La Gazetta di Mantova

« (…) Director Lukas Hemleb manages successfully to build an intense and suggestive dramatic plot made of intimate words and thoughts as well es resolute physical actions. »
La Lotta

Jon Fosse
« Je suis le vent » « Io sono il vento »
director: Lukas Hemleb
stage, light and costume designer: Pietro Babina
Maison de la Culture d’Amiens
Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione