bird sings birds sing
gay-be-gay because today’s today) the
romp cries i and the me purrs

e. e. cummings



“‘Hazardous games around hearts and arrows’ is a stunning success as a comedy, the audience is laughing constantly, no doubt about this. But I think the powerful point about Lukas Hemleb’s direction is that he is not bulging out his particular view or interpretation – he goes, on the basis of the taiwanese opera tradition, his own opera director’s experience at hand, into many precise details, to strengthen the inner chemistry of the action, and to develop a vision that is always related to the heartfelt emotions of every character in the play. That means that you probably don’t see immediately many differences with taiwanese opera that you saw before, but, after a while, you discover that it’s inner making isn’t the same at all. I think that between Lukas and his way of directing there is an affinity with his master Luc Bondy: both have a very strong feeling for rhythm and details. That draws the spectators unconsciously into the dynamics of the play, to a point that they might think that there is no director at all. But in fact, the director is omnipresent, as if he had melted into the action.”

耿一偉 Keng Yi-Wei
台北藝術節 Taipei Arts Festival


Yi Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe, Taiwan  –  Lukas Hemleb, Europe

Hazardous Games around Hearts and Arrows

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Lukas Hemleb

«Lukas Hemleb seems never to be at the point where you expect him to be» said a newspaper article about him some years ago. From the very beginning of his theater work he is attracted by music and poetry. Research on various cultural backgrounds is what characterizes his work over two decades. Continue reading “biography”