feather 羽

Taipei, August 2010
Hongkong, September 2010

« (…) 台灣的王心心則保存和推廣民族傳統福建南管,那是雅樂,沒有普及條件。但難得的是,她已不單只在台灣開拓了觀眾,還曾到法國、德國、比利時、荷蘭、葡萄牙及美國演出過百場,並能找到知音。有德裔法國舞台導演  盧卡斯 . 漢柏 來與她合作,把她的小型(一男一女兩個演員)歌劇《羽》弄得風格化,突出視覺效果,提高她的藝術表演(歌唱和身段動作)層次,把音樂和視覺表達得精緻,而表演動作精準,達到純美的境界,為中國傳統戲曲表演開創出新路,與中國傳統戲劇藝術風格大異。該個戲還穿梭時空,仙界的牛郎織女,後來竟落入現代凡間,古老愛情故事延續到今天,造出震撼力。中西跨文化、傳統與現代結合的演出,過去有過很多,而這個南管現代歌劇《羽》,可說是我歷來看過所有同類演出中印象最深且最佳的一個,堪稱傑作。(…) »

« (…) The taiwanese artist Wang Xin Xin preserves and promotes traditional music, a music that has its roots in the Southern region of Fujian, where she was born and spent her childhood. It is a music of extraordinary refinement that has never been popularized. The french-german theater producer Lukas Hemleb has come to collaborate with her to create an intimate play, a contemporary chamber opera called « Feather », with a small team, a male and a female singer/actress, in a stylish approach, with very sophisticated visual effects, emphasizing and enhancing her artistic expression by a body language that creates a gracious and delicate link with the music. Their performance goes to the limits of Chinese traditional theater and opens up new ways, going to the discovery of a dramatic style that is very different from the Chinese tradition. The play shuttles back and forth in space and time mixing past and present : the cowherd and the celestial weaving maid fall unexpectedly in the modern world of mortals, the ancient love story continues today, producing a violent shock between traditional and westernized culture. In the past there have been many trans-cultural productions combining traditional and modern style, but from all these performances that I have seen, this ‘Nanguan’ opera « Feather » is without any doubt the deepest and the best one, and deserves to be called a master piece. (…) »
Asian Times Hongkong

Wang Xin Xin/anonymous
« Feather »   « 羽 »
musical director: Wang Xin Xin 王心心
director, stage and light designer: Lukas Hemleb
National Chiang Kai Shek Theater Taipei
Quanta Auditorium Taoyuan
New Vision Arts Festival Hongkong